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What is Hullabaloo Baby's return policy?
New unused, washed, or worn products can be returned within 60 days of purchase date.  If you feel the product in question is a defective productive, please email us with further information.
How do I care for my Tutu?
Tutus without embellishements should be spot cleaned, however can be handwashed with gentle detergent.  Embellished tutus should be spot cleaned only.  Hang tutus to drip dry.  If tutu is smooshed or wrinkled steam in shower, do not iron.
How do I care for my Diaper Bag?
All of our "Around town" diaper bags can be machine washed cold and tumbled dry low heat.  Use a fabric stain repellent to help gaurd bag from stains.
How do I care for my Bibs and Burp Cloths?
Infant bibs and burp cloths can be machine washed cold or warm and tumbled dry low heat.
How do I care for my Pacifier Clips?
Pacifier clips can be machine washed cold or warm.  To keep from damaging the clip do not tumble dry, lay flat to dry.  It is suggested that you wash pacifier clips before using.
How do I care for my Crocheted Blanket?
Crocheted blankets can be machine washed cold and tumbled dry low heat.  They will only get softer with each wash.
My clip is loose...what happened?
If the plastic clip on our pacifier, key ring, or name tag clips is not opened corectly it will cause the clip to loosen.  Do not use the loosened pacifier clip, because the child can easily tug it off of their clothing.
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